What is so Unique about Balinese Furniture?

The Western world has been drawing inspiration from Balinese and Asian style furniture and homewares for centuries due to its uniqueness and exotic feel. You will see Balinese furniture on many home and garden TV shows due to the way it can completely transform, not only the look of a home but the feel of it as well. If you ask anyone who has given their home a Balinese makeover; they will often tell you the result is that space feels much more peaceful and ‘Zen’.

There is something magical about Balinese style and decor. Whether it’s as simple touch like adding a Buddha inspired candle holder to your coffee table or a terracotta candle holder to your kitchen bench, sometimes the small touches can make a big difference in transforming your space.

Balinese-inspired gardens and outdoor areas are also very popular in Australia. It’s a great way to transform your traditional ‘Aussie’ backyard into your own little slice of paradise. Australian travelers will often visit Bali, fall in love with the people and culture and decide they want to have that ‘Bali feeling’ in their own home and garden. 

The great thing about giving your backyard a Balinese touch is that you can go big with a beautiful water feature or a stunning outdoor umbrella or you may choose to stick with something a little more simple and elegant such as small garden statue to add that little touch of Bali to your garden.

Your home should be your sanctuary and a place that makes you feel good so if your house is lacking those special touches it needs to make it a ‘home’, think about adding some beautiful and unique Balinese pieces from Jade Pagoda in Brisbane, Queensland.