Bring Bold Colours to Your Home  With Ceramic Round Mirrors

For a taste of the truly exotic, be sure to visit the friendly team at Jade Pagoda: our showroom right here in Brisbane is home to a whole host of wonderful and fantastic pieces of genuine and authentically sourced Balinese furniture and homewares. Even out of all our stunning Asian decor delights and furniture options, our spectacular and superb selection of ceramic round mirrors still stand out. As premium pieces finely crafted from the skillful hands of a highly experienced Balinese artisan, these Balinese ceramic round mirrors are a great way of bringing bold and vibrant colours into your Brisbane home.  There’s simply no better way of effortlessly introducing exotic Balinese décor into your immediate surroundings than by hanging up any one of our awesome ceramic round mirrors – all have been excellently crafted and directly sourced from our wide network of trusted suppliers within Asia.

In fact, we are incredibly proud to serve our vast number of clients in Brisbane as direct importers of high-quality Balinese furniture: for years, our team has been offering a wonderfully unique and wide range of diverse Balinese pieces, many of which have been constructed from 100% durable wood and solid teak accents. Our entire range of solid teak items and accented pieces includes outdoor furniture and garden décor – as well as our Balinese day beds –which have all been manufactured from the ever popular material. Boat teak – in being a recycled and greatly weather resistant material – subsequently ensures that each and every single piece of furniture on offer is totally unique. Often carved from a single wooden block, our artisan range of Balinese homewares makes for one-off items: our ceramic round mirrors have been produced by craftsman and artisans who take special pride in creating one-of-a-kind pieces to easily transform your home.