Searching for Ideas

 If you have found the Jade Pagoda website, it is likely that you appreciate that a home can reflect your individual personality by  the way that you decorate both your home and your garden.  

 Sometimes you might have only a 'feel' for the way you would like our home to look - but 'get stuck' for ideas to put this feel into practice.  In our  Inspiration Gallery, we have collected a variety of images to help you to create your own special 'look' and 'feel'.  As you will see, creating the right  effect can be as simple as adding a carved daybed with a few coloured scatter cushions - or by creating mood lighting directed at a garden statue.

 Water features - large or small - surrounded by a few brightly-coloured floral specimens and night lighting are an easy way to give your home a  feeling of rest and relaxation.

 We will be adding to this Gallery, especially on our return from our Asian buying trips when our cameras are never very far away!  Your photos too  are very welcome, so please send your favourite images that can be used to inspire others.